Sobanokanda「Machimaeya」 machimaeya’s menu

※Please buy a meal ticket at the ticket-vending machine inside the store. Click here for how to use the ticket-vending machine.
※Please use a money changer for 5000 yen bill、10,000 yen bill.
※All product prices include consumption tax.

Soba・Udonsoba noodlesYou can choose “soba” or “udon”

We also have various toppings to match the soba noodles. Please enjoy in combination.
You can choose the amount of noodles from “normal”, “large serving (1.5 serving) +90 yen”, and “extra-sized serving (2 servings) +180 yen”.

Toppingtopping menu

Morning Menu: Regular Menu:

Rice dishesRice dishes

It’s a great deal if you buy it with soba.(excluding rice and inari)

Morning Menumorning menuYou can choose “soba” or “udon”

This is the menu from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.


Takeout Menutakeout menu

:Those with a mark can be Takeout even in the morning (until 11:00).